Tag Urban C Table

A few months back, when I was visiting a friend’s office, I noticed a different kind of table near his cabinet where he was keeping his files.  Usually, tables are either round or rectangular in shape with four legs at each corner for support.  From where I was standing, I saw a metal beam only on one side of the table.  As I talked with him, he told me about the C table that he had bought a few weeks back.  He highly praised the furniture.  So when I got back home,  I decided to try the product out.  Today, after 3 months of use, I have become a true fan of the Tag Urban C Table.

Sure, it is not a table a whole family can eat at but I can use this for a more personal dinner in front of the TV.  It also is not meant to display gorgeous decorative pieces, but that is not the purpose that C tables serve.  It is small, compact and an easy to maneuver accent table.  Late at night, when I am working on my laptop, I usually set my laptop on the C table and place it next to my bed.  This allows me to enjoy the maximum comfort possible while still working.  Also, when I am watching a game, this accent table is a great place for chips, dip, drinks, and other food.  The design is sleek and thus, it has become a very nice piece in my household.

C Table by Tag Urban

Tag Urban C Table great buy on accent table

The Tag Urban C Table is a small yet very useful table.  The product dimensions are 15.8 in x 15.8 in x 23.8 inches.  As you can see from the measurements, it really is a compact piece of furniture. The Tag Urban C Table weighs only 11 pounds making it very convenient.  I can quite easily move it all around the house by myself.

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At first glance the table may look a little weird. This is only natural since we all have been accustomed to looking at typical four legged tables all our lives.  It’s odd appearance however does not affect it’s durability.  The Tag Urban C Table is made of steel and is of solid construction.  Every aspect of the Tabletop are made entirely of solid steel.  The steel is stainless and totally toxic free.  The steel is covered with a powder coat finish that increases the durability of the product.  The powder coat is of coco color.

Tag Urban C Table – Shop Around

The sleek design of the table allows it to fit in anywhere in your household.  Also, there is no hassle in assembling the product.  Your comfort is the one thing that it assures.

At the local convenience store, you can get the table for $193.70.  But if you want to save money, you have to shop for it online.  The table is available at Amazon.com where you can order this table for only $149.00.  You can save up to 21% of your hard earned money this way.

Altra C Table

What is it a C table?  Trust me, I have heard that question many times in my life.  Every time one of my nephew’s friends comes into my room, they keep asking me about my table.  It is not just the adults, even some of the kids have asked me the same question.  I guess not many people are use to the construction of accent tables.  I am talking about the Altra C Table that I currently have my laptop on.  Last weekend, my nephew came into my room and asked me why my table didn’t have four legs like the one he has in his room.  Questions like these do arise time and again.  For a kid, it may be hard to understand, but for an adult, it is fairly simple.  Styles have changed and functionality has been a key requirement for many people civilizations have advanced.  That is why I decided to join this trend and brought the Altra C Table for my room.

C Table by Altra

Altra C Table the perfect accent table for any room

The Altra C Table is just like any other accent table.  I tend to use it most for working with my laptop.   When I am not working on my laptop, I keep my magazines and other books on it.  Before going to sleep at nigh I set my alarm clock and place it on the accent table.   When I am watching a game on the television, this is where I place the pizza and drinks.  In short, this is the one furniture piece that I use for the many things that I do in my daily life.

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Altra C Table Pricing

Compared to traditional tables, my Altra C Table is much different.  The construction, durability, design – everything about it is different. The product dimensions are 15.8 in x 15.8 in x 23.6 inches.  Compared to regular tables, it is much smaller in size.  It is also lighter in weight as the Altra C Table weighs only 11 pounds.  This allows me to carry it to where ever I need it in my house.  Whether it is to work in my bedroom upstairs or watch the game on television downstairs, all I need to do is pick it up and carry it without the need to ask anybody to help me.

Assembly is fairly easy.  It took me hardly 20 minutes to assemble it.  Its ergonomics is simply outstanding.  Besides, the C shape of the item allows flexibility in moving around it.  This is the prime reason why I replaced my old four legged table in my room.  The table is black in color and has a glass top.  I have seen a number of other C tables but none of them have glass tops.  This feature further adds to the aesthetics of the table.

Do not be worried about the price.  Even though it is gorgeous and extremely durable it is also priced at a reasonable rate.  The table is listed at $60.99 in convenience stores, but at Amazon.com, you can get it for only $52.91 and thus, save 13%.  This table is a instant favorite if you enjoy sitting while you work.

Accent Table WK680110 C Table

What do you look for when you are buying a C table?  Is it durability?  Is it style?  Is it comfort?  Is it performance?  Well, for me, all of the factors mentioned above matter.  When I am buying any gadget, I look for a good blend of all these things?  Why should a table be any different?  That is why I bought the WK680110 for myself.  I have come across a large number of C tables over the last year.   Among the lot, this model has been serving me the best.   That is why I chose this model for my home.

Accent Table WK680110

WK680110 C Table great accent table

The WK680110 is a C table.  It is also referred to as an accent table or even an over the bed table.   But no matter by whichever name you call it,  it is indeed one of the best items that I have purchased in my lifetime.

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The WK680110 is one of the cheaper end C tables.   But just because it is cheap,  does not necessarily mean that it fails to serve you like other accent tables.  In fact, many find it to be one of the sturdiest C tables money can buy.  Whether you are working at home,  playing with your laptop, or serving pizza during the big game, this table is your one stop solution.

The accent table is small and easy to maneuver.  The product dimensions are 10 in x 18.1 in x 35 inches.  Even though it is a lot smaller than most  tables, it still manages to serve the same purpose.  The great thing about c tables is they tend to provide more comfort compared to a traditional table.  It is also extremely light in weight.  The item weighs only 10 pounds.  Hence, you can easily pick it up and place wherever you want to.  Whenever I need to change my position, I simply pick it up and carry it with me.  For a traditional table, you would need to call up at least two to three people to help you lift or drag it from one place to another.  But for this accent table, you will not need any extra muscle.  You can just pick it up and move it to your heart’s content.

There is one tiny flaw that I faced with this table.  All accent tables require initial assembly and this one was no exception.  When I was trying to assemble the table, I had a hard time lining the screws with the screw holes.  After a little practice though, it eventually got smooth.  So, if you have just bought this table, you may have minor trouble with the assembly.

That said the construction is sturdy.  The table is black in color and will go with just about any theme that you have in your home.

Now comes the best part.  The furniture market these days is steep.  I have seen most of these accent tables sold at very high prices.  But amidst all this, this model sells for only $15.00.   The value of the  WK680110 compared to the price is absolutely outstanding.  Good buys like this are hard to come by in this economy.

Accent Tables Galore Find The Perfect One

When it comes to finding the right pieces of furniture for your home, accent tables are crucial. Whether you place the accent table beside your bed, by the window, against the wall, or together with your living room set choosing the best table is important. While having small tables is important for functional purposes, you have to remember that they can also add to the beauty of your rooms. When searching for some great accent tables, here are three options that you might want to consider:

Coaster Accent Tables 900280 with Burnished Copper Base, Brown

Coaster Accent Tables with Burnished Copper Base, Brown

These beautiful accent tables are brown in color, with a burnished copper base and a scroll design. Its dimensions are at 16 x 9 x 24 inches, making it the perfect c table that you can place beside the couch or by the wall. The shipping weight of this accent table is at 12.4 pounds, which is a good and solid weight that makes it sturdy enough to hold not only snacks but practically anything from a vase full of flowers to your laptop.

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Among the other options you have for accent tables, this one fits well with interiors that are more traditional. Even though this accent table comes at a relatively low cost, it still has some elegance and class. However, if you are looking for something that isn’t quite as flashy or has a different look to it consider:

Camden Collection Bay Shore Collection Modern Side Table, Espresso

Camden Collection Accent Tables Espresso

A console table that could suit your taste would be this table from the bay shore collection. This modern console table has modern and simple written all over it. It also doesn’t take up too much space. These accent tables are 10 x 20 x 24 inches and weigh 8.8 pounds. With a shipping weight of only 10.9 pounds, this is one of the most portable c tables on the market today.

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One of the best things about this accent table is that while it doesn’t take up too much of your space, it gives enough room for snacks and drinks. This c table also has a steel frame that’s chrome-finished and a beautiful espresso wood laminate top. The only con is that some people might find this console table too simple. Some might people might want more of a classy look to their tables. One thing to keep in mind though is this is one of the cheapest accent tables out there that is still worth buying.

Modern Black and Brushed Chrome Plant Stand

Accent Tables and Modern Plant Stand Black and Brushed Chrome

If you want to go even more modern with your tables, another good option is this brushed chrome plant stand. At 12 x 19 x 21.5 inches and 17 pounds, this console table is a bit heavier than most other c tables. It is also a bit more expensive than the other ones but you really get value for your money. This c table is made of a tempered clear glass as well as a satin plated metal with a glossy black base. This is one of those accent tables that can complement any design. The glass top of this c table makes it posh and modern. The trade of is that the thick glass is also what makes it heavier than other accent tables. Like other corner tables, this may require some assembly, although nothing that even someone lacking experience would find complicated.

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In choosing the perfect accent table for your interiors, just remember that there are many c tables to choose from. The best console table will depend on exactly what you’re looking for in terms of design, functionality and budget. The tables above are all exceptional in their own way, but your choice of the perfect console table will depend on your personal taste and exactly where you want to put it. Either way, these c tables are yours for the taking.

Console Table for your living room, den, or bedroom!

Home Accent White Wood Carved Top Sofa Console Table

Any home would welcome an accent table to enhance a living room, den, or office. They can be freestanding or specifically designed to set against a wall. A console table is a telltale sign of your home’s lifestyle. Corner tables and accent tables tend to be conversation pieces when they are as uniquely crafted as this console table is.

Home Accent White Wood Top Console Table

They can add instant character and beauty to any space. Whether you have classic accent tables in the French provincial style or completely modern c tables, your choice of furniture can transform your home into comfortable chic or relaxed elegance. A console table seems like a necessity in today’s practical lifestyle, no matter the size of storage you may need.

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Look no further for durable, eye-catching accent tables. The Home Accent White Wood Carved Top Sofa Console Table is an urban table with a chic top. It has been carved artistically with gracefully turned legs that will give your hallway or entryway a chic look and feel. This accent table can easily be tucked in one corner of your hallway to serve as a powder station for quick touch-ups.

The white-painted, distressed appearance of this accent table simulates French provincial furniture and will add value to any room especially when considering how little money it takes to get one. Cheap tables would not look half as grand as this table.

Your leather sectional could use the presence of a small table to boost what would otherwise look like a plain and uninteresting area. The Home Accent White Wood Carved Top Sofa Console Table will present an interesting addition to your den’s unused corner unlike other furniture this table has a functional purpose. You can further liven up accent tables by having interesting items on display such as a crystal vase with a simple flowering plant. Even consider displaying your doll collection or clock collection on a nice accent table.

Coaster Console Table Storage Entry Way Brown Finish

Coaster Console Table Storage Entry Way Brown Finish

If you want a really fancy table then the Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish is perfect for you. Set against one side of your entryway’s wall, an accent table such as this welcomes not only you and your family warmly each day as you come home but also relatives, guests, and visitors a nice wow factor.

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The Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish is sturdy, easy to assemble, with doors that close magnetically. This furniture piece will sit squarely on any flat surface with no wobbling whatsoever, unlike many other cheap tables on the market. Crafted from solid dark brown wood, this could be the accent table centerpiece perfect for any condominium unit.

The Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish could spruce up a family home and give it a French provincial country look, together with the other accent tables that you may already own. This accent table is more expensive the the increased look it generates far exceeds its increase in price. Almost everyone who lays their eyes on it will assume it is at least twice the price you pay for it.

Coaster 900250 Contemporary Snack Table with Glass Top, Silver

Coaster 900250 Contemporary Console Table Glass Top

How about a perfectly functional c table that isn’t so big? The Coaster 900250 Contemporary Snack Table with Glass Top in silver is a c table was designed for the practical urbanite. This c table will not only fit the arms of most armchairs but can serve as a meal table when dining alone.

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Having your snacks on a c table that has a frosted and tempered glass top assures you that it will not crack. It can easily support glasses or carafes, hot or warm beverages, and even plates, bowls and saucers filled with steaming food. Remember that c tables shouldn’t be wobbly and preferably easy to move around like corner tables.

Measuring 18 inches in length and 10 inches in width, this 24-inch tall c table can serve as one of your home’s corner tables since it doesn’t take up much space. You can use this like other c tables as a nightstand in your bedroom to support a small reading lamp, a glass of water, or a book for your night reading. In fact, a c table can even double up as a side table in your living room discreetly without taking the attention away from your other fixtures.

The Coaster 900250 Contemporary Snack Table with Glass Top in silver is a beautiful addition to whatever existing entertainment furniture you might already have. Have a home office? This small wonder of a c table can roll under a couch to serve as a desk or hold a laptop, and even a telephone.

Most c tables are really just Cheap tables under $50 that will probably look just that: cheap. But the Coaster 900250 Contemporary Snack Table with Glass Top in silver is not a typical cheap looking accent table.